Project RunAway is Friday April 17th, 2015 McKnight Atrium, 7 - 10 pm.
Walk-through rehearsal is Thursday April 16th in McKnight Atrium 6pm.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday, April 3, 2015.

GRAND PRIZE: Solo Art Exhibition @ ShiftSpace + $200.00
1st Place in each category: Group Art Exhibition @ ShiftSpace + $50.00
other great prizes & cash will be awarded

This Year’s Categories are:

IDENTITY SPLIT (CARNIVAL): Celebrates and Explores the relationships between our Personal AND Cultural Identity.

TRANSFORMATION ELATION: Capricious hybrid FORMS- Pushing the limitations between the BODY FORM & STRUCTURE.

WHEN DARKNESS FALLS: Response to Cultural Contemporary ISSUES involving technology, new media, science … may incorporate the use of light.

EPHEMERAL DELIGHTS: Explores SUSTENANCE as nourishment and its relationship to lifespan, impermanence or decay.

ROCKETED INTO 4D: Utilizes Time, Motion, Movement and/or Performance as the primary medium.


Wearable works should be made according to thematic constraints  such as -global identities, sustainability/climate change, robotics/genetics, humanity-technology interface. No zombies or trash; avoid masks and Halloween make-up; articles of clothing should be constructed as much as is feasible.

Entrant/Designer must be a currently enrolled WSU Student, be a WSU Alumni or Enrolled in an area High School.
Designs by alumni and high school contestants must also fall in to one of the five category options.
All artwork must be wearable and fall into one of the categories
All wearable art must be ready for the Cat Walk prior to the day of the event.
Work included in any prior WSU ShiftSpace Project Run-A-Way is ineligible

By entering this competition you agree to abide by WSU and Shift Space Gallery guidelines. You understand that the School of Art, Design & Creative Industries and WSU Shift Space have the right to deny or remove any artwork from display/exhibition during this event.