Opening Tonight!

So, just thought I'd post to remind everyone that the recpetion for Bank Job: Site and Collaboration is tonight (Friday Oct. 28, 2005) starting at 6:00pm and running until 10:00pm CST at the old Fourth National Bank in senic downtown Wichita, Kansas (northeast corner of Market and Douglas).  I was up there yesterday helping set up lights and everything and I must say, it's looking pretty good.  So come out and drink our drink and eat our food and have a good time.  We're on the Final Friday Trolley stop list so grab a ride; it's free I think.

Third P, Second E

So, I found some old photos of the Fourth National Bank on the internet and posted them in the Shift Space II photo album (I still haven't quite worked out how to get things to order themselves correctly, so sorry about that).  There's actually a view of the interior that is pretty close to one of the shots that Robert took when he first checked the space out.  Note also the streetcars in the exterior photo from the 1930s(?) and take note of the number of people walking on the streets; the Fourth National is the third building on the right (it looks a little different these days).

Yes, Wichita was once a town that seemed to have a bright future ahead of it, which is not to say that the next several decades weren't good ones for the city, but there seemed to be a promise of much greater things to come in those old photos.  My mother has worked in downtown Wichita since she graduated from high school in 1973 and can tell you the names of most of the department stores that used to be there and when they closed, went out of business, or moved away.  The trolleys stopped running in 1933 when bus service took over, but when she was a teenager bus service made it possible for her to spend the afternoon downtown shopping, have lunch, maybe catch a movie, and then ride the bus back west.  Oh, public nice that would be.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the link to the photos that I found in case any of you are interested in the way Wichita used to be.

Second Post, Second Exhibition

So, today's a sort of limbo-day for me, not a whole lot that I can do on Saturday, press releases have been mailed out, emails have been sent, and phone calls have been made.  But anyway I thought today I would go through the music files and I've concluded that the background music will probably be a band by the name of Hangedup, a Montreal based duo on viola and drums.  Perhaps at some point in the future we'll actually be getting some live music, which would be nice; so let me know if you're interested in performing at one of our shows, for free of course, but for now were stuck with a pair of speakers from my old car and an old Sony 5-disc CD changer.  Anyway, Hangedup is really great, especially if you're a fan of that whole Godspeed You! Black Emperor sound, which I am, and I will be playing them because you know what, I'm sort of on the reception committee and I'll do what I want (as long as it doesn't interfere with anybody's art).

First Post, Second Exhibition

So here's the deal...

I'm trying to figure out this whole blog thing that the kids are into these days, and it turns out you've got to, like, know things about computers and junk.  Well, the task has fallen to me, Conan, and here I am trying to set this up, so that you, the viewing public, can read the daily bric-a-brack of the Wichita State University Shift Space, a roving gallery space in Wichita, Kansas showcasing the work of WSU faculty, students, and alumni.

So okay, why does the gallery rove?  Well you see, the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC) was kind enough to allow the university access to a number of buildings in the downtown area that have sat vacant for some time.  The stipulation being that we must present exhibitions to coincide with the Final Friday gallery crawl which takes place in Wichita on the last Friday of every month.  However, the space is different every month, presenting a unique challenge to the faculty and students involved in the project.

Okay, so what was that about the second exhibition?  Well, what you see if you click on the Shift Space II photo album is the flier for the show with a picture of the main vault from the old Fourth National Bank.  This is in the basement of the building in which this second show will open, and let me tell you something, that vault gives me the willies.

Anyway, in case you want to know some actual details of the show, here goes:

Bank Job: Site and Collaboration at the 4th National will comprise a group of experimental interpretations of the next WSU Shift Space located at the former 4th National Bank at the intersection of Douglas & Market streets in Wichita, Kansas. The building has a unique history and design, its lobby a large, open, red-carpeted space. WSU students and faculty will present individual and collaborative interpretations of the place, the site, its history, and its future. As all of the work is unique to this location, expect to be surprised: this exhibition will include everything from drawing installations to video projections to floor cut-outs, and beyond. It will be one of the stops on the Final Friday trolley.

A reception will be held on Friday, October 28, 2005 from 6 to 10 p.m.  The exhibition will continue to run through November 12th, 2005 in case you can't make it.  Gallery hours are Thursday 4 to 7 p.m., Friday 4 to 9 p.m., and Saturday 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For directions or additional information, call the

WSU School of Art & Design at (316) 978-5418.

Hope to see you there.