Second Post, Second Exhibition

So, today's a sort of limbo-day for me, not a whole lot that I can do on Saturday, press releases have been mailed out, emails have been sent, and phone calls have been made.  But anyway I thought today I would go through the music files and I've concluded that the background music will probably be a band by the name of Hangedup, a Montreal based duo on viola and drums.  Perhaps at some point in the future we'll actually be getting some live music, which would be nice; so let me know if you're interested in performing at one of our shows, for free of course, but for now were stuck with a pair of speakers from my old car and an old Sony 5-disc CD changer.  Anyway, Hangedup is really great, especially if you're a fan of that whole Godspeed You! Black Emperor sound, which I am, and I will be playing them because you know what, I'm sort of on the reception committee and I'll do what I want (as long as it doesn't interfere with anybody's art).

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