Third P, Second E

So, I found some old photos of the Fourth National Bank on the internet and posted them in the Shift Space II photo album (I still haven't quite worked out how to get things to order themselves correctly, so sorry about that).  There's actually a view of the interior that is pretty close to one of the shots that Robert took when he first checked the space out.  Note also the streetcars in the exterior photo from the 1930s(?) and take note of the number of people walking on the streets; the Fourth National is the third building on the right (it looks a little different these days).

Yes, Wichita was once a town that seemed to have a bright future ahead of it, which is not to say that the next several decades weren't good ones for the city, but there seemed to be a promise of much greater things to come in those old photos.  My mother has worked in downtown Wichita since she graduated from high school in 1973 and can tell you the names of most of the department stores that used to be there and when they closed, went out of business, or moved away.  The trolleys stopped running in 1933 when bus service took over, but when she was a teenager bus service made it possible for her to spend the afternoon downtown shopping, have lunch, maybe catch a movie, and then ride the bus back west.  Oh, public nice that would be.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the link to the photos that I found in case any of you are interested in the way Wichita used to be.

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