Widescene reception this Friday

It's the final Final Friday of 2005, people!

Shift Space IV will be titled Widescene, and will feature the diverse range of work created by WSU related artists.  Artists exhibiting include: Maha Al-Emem, Joey Capadona, Marc Durfee, Sarah Kephart, Corey Medina, Richard Predmore, Brandon Smith, and Pam Terry.

An opening reception will be held this Friday, December 30th, from 6-10pm at the Shift Space, 326 S. Commerce (north of Waterman).  If you've still got family in town bring them in; Fisch Haus is just down the road and will also be having a reception this evening for Linda K. Robinson.  Hope to see you there.

By the way there's a few new photos up in the album for Shift Space III that were taken during its reception.


So what's happening this December?  Well as it turns out we will be having a show on Dec. 30th.  However, this is a completely student run affair, so things can be expected to happen a little differently.  Although, as always, I'm sure things will come together very well by showtime.  You see down at the Shift Space we like to fly by the seat of our pants; it's just how we roll.

Anyway, I haven't got all the details yet, but as soon as I do you can bet that you can read all about it here, on the blog.

Lies of the Sick and Dying

Hey everybody, one of the artists featured in Shift Space III, Ryan Soper, will be having a closing reception for his solo show, "Lies of the Sick and Dying," this Friday, December 9th, at the Tangent Lab, 209 East William Street, Sutton Place, 2nd Floor.  Also make sure to pick up a copy of F5 (or go online at this Thursday and check out the review before you go see the show.

And as always keep checking the blog to see what's coming up at the next Shift Space event.

Shift Space III photos are up

Okay, so I've gotten photos of all of the work up in the Shift Space III album, so take a look.  I also went ahead and posted the artists' names and short statements along with the photos (scroll down below the photos to see it).  Something's still causing the ordering to be a little screwy, but it's pretty good so I'll just leave it for now.  I also went back and started adding titles and artists' names to the work from Shift Space II: Bank Job, and when I get the time I might go and do the same for the first show.  And remember the show's still up through December 10th.