Post Shift Space V Opening

So the opening was Friday and turnout was pretty good.  We apologize for the lack of heat, but our heater kept blowing the breaker; what with all the lights and the video stuff and everything it's not that surprising.  But the temperature wasn't that bad, so no big deal.  Anyway if you missed the opening you can stop by during our regular hours: Thursdays 4-7, Fridays 4-9, and Saturdays 12-5 through February 11.

Movie Nights

So check this.

We're going to totally have movie nights at the Shift Space.  We're working the details out now, but if you have suggestions please feel free to leave a comment on this blog.  But anyway, here's the plan as I see it.  Movies will be shown in the evening, maybe 8:00, maybe 10:00, maybe a double feature playing at 8:00 and 11:00.  Kyle Riley and I (Conan) are currently the principle planners involved here so we're probably going to show a lot of Nouvelle Vague films and the like.  Be advised, it gets cold in the space and we're probably not going to turn the heat on until it gets below 45, so you'd want to wear your coat, bring blankets, bring soup, whatever.  We'll probably buy some coffee from Starbucks or whomever (if you'd like to donate coffee or other food items to the Shift Space openings or other events, we'd gladly take it and repay the favor with free and generous advertising).  And there is no ban on smoking inside the space, just be respectful of your fellow movie-goers.

Actually, funny thing, Kyle just called me to talk about this as I was writing it.  So here's what we were talking about: we think it would be a good idea to make this an every Friday kind of thing (although, obviously we'd take a break for the Final Friday opening).  Two different movies will be shown every night--one at 8:00 another at 10:30 or 11:00, but both will be centered on the same theme, and we'd like to showcase the work of several different directors over several weeks.  It sounds like we've got coffee taken care of by Starbucks, so finding someone to provide food will be the next goal.  There will be no admission to any of these things but, of course, donations are appreciated.

Anyway, that's about it for now.  When we get things hammered out a little further I'll let everyone know.

UPDATE 02/20/2006:

Mmmm...yeah.  Not so much maybe.  It seems that there's about zero interest in doing this sort of thing, so it looks like we will just continue with our once-a-month Final Friday opening event.  However, if there's any interest in the community, I highly suggest you email me with your thoughts on this and I'll again bring it up at one of the Shift Space meetings; any other suggestions are of course welcome as well, and I'll do my best to respond to any and all.


WSU Shift Space V: Still/Moving/Object Explored

WSU Shift Space, in conjunction with the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, presents WSU Shift Space V: Still/Moving/Object Explored, an exhibition of recent directions in photography and video by faculty and students in the WSU School of Art & Design. The work of exhibiting artists Chad Case, John Hammer, Kate Johnson, Cory Medina, Kyras Norman, Linda K. Robinson, Sarah Turner, Aaron Danger Vague, and Robert Bubp will range from black-and-white photography to installations incorporating video, found objects, and drawing. The opening reception will take place on Final Friday, January 27, 2006, from 6-10 pm at 326 S. Commerce St., and will be open Thursdays 4-7, Fridays 4-9, and Saturdays 12-5 through February 11.

For more information, call the WSU School of Art & Design at 978-3555. Support for WSU Shift Space is provided by the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, Belford Electric, and Wichita State University.

Wow! Widescene Photos!

So, I just posted some photos of all of the work in the Shift Space IV gallery.  I'm still working on posting captions with the titles and artist's names on them, so only about half of them are done in that regard.

In other news, we're planning on holding a juried show either for the end of March or the end of June depending on scheduling.  The work will be from artists outside of WSU and potentially from across the nation.  The jurors, however, will be two current WSU grads, one undergrad, and one alum (me, Conan Y. Fugit).  So anyway, the prospectus is nearing completion, we've just got to iron out dates and funding for advertising and such and it's good to go.  Keep checking the blog for entry information, and other current news.

UPDATE 01|19|2006:

As it happens, it's starting to look more like the March show will be an invitational show titled, Scopophilia: The Love of Looking.  The juried show may occur next August and will be national in scope, hell maybe even international.  We're probably going to produce a catalogue for it as well and get advertising in various national publications.  It's gonna' be hot.

Post-Widescene Opening

So, I thought I'd already put some information up here about the opening, but I guess it slipped my mind.  Anyway, it went well considering it was a December opening.  Turnout wasn't bad at all, and the show came together well even considering that many of the regular people involved with the space were out of town.  Since our staff is still a little smaller than usual we won't be having regular hours like normal, but we will be hosting a closing reception from 7-10pm on Friday the 13th.  Anyway, if you were out of town or just a little too busy to make the opening I hope you'll show at the closing; maybe we'll do something a little special for you...well, maybe not.  I'll keep you posted.