Call for Proposals!


All submissions must be organized by, curated by, or the work of WSU students, faculty, and/or alumni.  Any proposal will be taken seriously: performances, mixed media, music & sound, interdisciplinary, poetry readings, film screenings, community arts, and weird stuff strongly encouraged but NOT required.  WSU Shift Space is 4800 square feet and includes a stage; it is capable of being divided into two or three smaller spaces, with its smallest configuration about 1000 square feet.  Floor plan available upon request. 

WSU Shift Space has slots available as soon as the June 30 Final Friday through the end of the year:  please include an idea of your preferred time frame for exhibition/performance.  Include SASE for return of materials if mailing.  Include up to one page typed description and any necessary support materials, graphics, exhibition plans, artwork, designs.



(or leave in the School of Art & Design office, 302 McKnight).

ALL PROPOSALS DUE JUNE 9, 2006.  For more info contact Robert Bubp at (316) 978-7704 or email at

Photos Will Be Up

So, TypePad's having issues and I can't get any photos to upload at the moment, but they're more or less ready to go.  I've got one roll of film left in my camera (film's that stuff they used to make pictures with years and years ago) and when I get that finished off I'll have a few more to post.  Anyway, I haven't shot any pictures of the work yet, but maybe I'll get that taken care of sometime this week; in the meantime, there's a few photos in which you can see some of the if those were loaded up you could look at them I guess.  I'll have my IT guy look at my computer this evening and see what the hold-up is.

UPDATE 06/01/2006, 2:40 AM:

Okay, the pictures are up and even in order for a change.  Check back maybe after this weekend and there might be pictures of the work up as well, or you could always stop by on Saturday when we have open hours and see the work firsthand.

The BFA Nine


WSU Shift Space, in conjunction with the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, presents WSU Shift Space 9: The BFA Nine in O-Five/O-Six, a senior exit exhibition for students graduating with the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art for 2005-06. Each student will present a substantial body of work and an exhibition statement representing their most current direction. Graduating seniors participating in the show include John Blakeslee (Painting), Amanda Dickson (Painting), Orion Dyson-Smith (Painting), Tim Elsen (Painting), Violet Love Goode (Ceramics), Cynthia Martinez (Painting), Cory Medina (Ceramics), Meghan Regnier (Painting), and E. Vincent Wood III (Painting). Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of these outstanding students as they transition to the next step in the respective careers.

The opening reception will be Friday, May 26, from 6-10 pm. The exhibition will continue to be open for viewing on the following dates: Saturday, May 27, 12-4 pm; Saturday, June 3, 12-4 pm; closing reception, Friday, June 9, 6-10 pm.

For more information, call the WSU School of Art & Design at 978-3555.  Support for WSU Shift Space is provided by the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation and Wichita State University.

Closing Reception

Friday, May 12 from 7 to 10pm @ Shift Space, 326 S. Commerce.

Hey everyone, we'll be having a closing reception this Friday for the sound design show, and I understand a few tweaks have been made to some of the projects so it ought to be worth coming out and taking a second look.  By the way I'll get pictures from the first reception up here in a little while; I've just been really busy this week.


UPDATE 05/23/2006:

I just want to appologize for taking so long to get images of the work uploaded to the Shift Space VIII album; I've had internet difficulties again, but things are working fine now.  I'll try to get everyone's names up along with the images as soon as I have time.