Shift Space Returns!

The Center for Research in Arts, Technology, Education, and Learning (CRATEL) is pleased to announce “Wired: Art and Sound by Design II,” hosted by WSU Shift Space. A few yards south of its previous Shift Space location, the show will consist of dynamic sculptures and installations that blend artistic ideas and creation with engineering and computer programming, such as a “living” mechanical sculpture, a collection of Ferro fluid specimens, a metaphysical map of plexiglass and lights, and even a genuine rave environment. The works are the product of collaboration between multidisciplinary students and offer a look into the explosive results of this mixture.

“Wired: Art and Sound by Design II” will open and host an artists’ reception on Final Friday, April 27th from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. at 414 S. Commerce Street.

For more information please contact John Harrison at (316) 978 -6572 or Robert Bubp at 978-7704.